Overnight Losses Provide Reminder About Complacency

Yesterday’s closing commentary, entitled “Stronger Case For Stability But Not Complacency” acknowledged the reassuringly sideways vibe offered by the first 4 days of this week’s

Mortgage Rates Lowest in Nearly a Month

Mortgage Rates had another decent day on Thursday with the average lender offering modestly better terms compared to yesterday.  Improvements continue to arrive in fairly

Trying to Set a New Thursday Trend

2 weeks ago, we talked about 2021’s Thursday curse.  It was finally broken last week.  Today’s early gains mean we may be looking at a

Another Tentatively Decent Day For Rates

Mortgage Rates have been doing pretty well so far in April.  They bounced at long-term highs on March 31st (matching the highs from 2 weeks

“Sideways” Victories and Fed Minutes

The longer-term rising rate trend kicked into higher gear in February.  After several false starts, bonds are in the midst of their best attempt yet